About Us

The NYU Neuroscience Institute, through the Neuroscience Outreach Group at NYU (NOGN), is committed to bringing the scientific excellence of our laboratories and classrooms to the residents of New York City. NOGN was formed in 2011 to help coordinate outreach efforts and form partnerships with organizations throughout the NYU and New York City Community. These partnerships and the dedication of almost 100 scientist volunteers have allowed NOGN to have a large impact from the onset of the program, reaching over a thousand K-12 students and their families since it was founded.


Brain Awareness Week

Each March, during Brain Awareness Week, NOGN hosts a series of events in conjunction with the Greater New York City Chapter of SFN, The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, and other area institutions. NYU is a key player in planning braiNY events to celebrate the brain and neuroscience throughout the city.

For the past two years, our flagship event was the Community Brain Fair held at NYU Langone Medical Center. The NYU Neuroscience Institute was proud to bring together basic researchers and clinical departments to present a broad spectrum of topics explaining the mysteries of the brain. In addition, clinicians from the  presented a panel discussion on brain health and disease, titled “Staying Sharp”. The discussion was sponsored by the Dana Alliance and AARP. A range of events from documentary screenings to free yoga classes to lectures on health and the brain drew the public to NYU and our world-class neuroscience community.


Classroom Visits

Throughout the year, NOGN visits classrooms and brings the expertise of our labs to K-12 classrooms around the city. Each presentation or workshop is designed by NOGN volunteers in conjunction with the classroom teacher and aims to teach the concepts of the scientific method and the basics of the brain to New York City children. Lessons on learning and memory, diseases of the brain, neuroanatomy, and the senses have engaged students from 8-18. To invite NOGN to your classroom or find out more about the topics we cover, please fill out our Teacher Request Form.



NOGN is proud to form partnerships with successful programs throughout NYU and the New York City area. By working with groups that already have a structure in place NOGN is able to have a big impact across a wide spectrum of target audiences.

Citizen Schools extends the school days for children in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Harlem. NOGN volunteers have designed a ten week module, which brings neuroscience from neuroanatomy to neurotransmitters to neurological diseases to middle school children who would otherwise not have a strong STEM education. These ten week apprenticeships allow NOGN volunteers to form strong bonds with the students and learn the basics of teaching – from designing a lesson to managing a classroom. Most importantly, the middle school students leave knowing that science is more than a set of facts in a text book, but is a way of asking questions.

Groups at NYULMC are committed to bringing science and medicine to a diverse audience. NOGN is proud to pair with groups such as the High School Science Fellows Program, FACES, Rusk Rehabilitation, and the Center for Cognitive Neurology to share information, lessons, and activities with the visitors and patients that make NYULMC a dynamic community. NOGN is happy to be involved in patient fairs, summer programs, and student visits throughout the year.

NOGN is also a platform for our volunteers to get involved with events throughout the city. NOGN is a founding member of braiNY, the outreach arm of the Greater New York City Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience. NOGN and braiNY volunteers from other area institutions have hosted tables at the World Science Festival, held workshops at the American Museum of Natural History, and hosted hands-on events at the Biobus and Biobase.